What’s New at the Zoo?


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 What’s New at the Zoo?


About this book What’s New at the Zoo?    A PhotoPhŎnics™® reading book

In this book, Linda takes the children through the world-famous Bronx and Central Park zoos. Children well love to look at the photographs of these amazing animals while learning to sound out words. Enjoy the zoo, the PhotoPhŎnics™® way!


All children love animals and in this PhotoPhŎnics™® book they get the chance to read along with Linda’s lively rhymes and color-coded phonics while looking at pictures of some of the cuddliest animals they’ve ever seen . A napping polar bears huge feet is something to see and baby lion playing with his daddy is awesome. Check out the look in that guerrilla, I wonder what she’s thinking? A family of seals have an argument over baby’s swimming lessons while the snow leopard wakes from his nap and don’t forget the red panda, he’s sooooo cute!